Ends on July 1, 2019

$25.00 USD

 December 26-30 (McCormick, SC)

Submission Fee: $25 (Discounted to $15 until May 19, 11:59 Eastern)

What is The Watering Hole Retreat?
The retreat features living room style daily classes/workshops, daily craft talks, two readings, one performance workshop, a keynote speech, group writing challenges, and a genuine community. Our mission is to build Tribe through genuine relationships and help poets reach their best work. (This is not the application for the Manuscript Coaching Fellowship.)
Writing Facilitators: Tim Seibles, Franny Choi, Dustin Pearson
Performance Facilitator: Monet Marshall
Keynote: Jericho Brown

What's the Application Process?
Submission Components: 1 Cover Letter (with aesthetics statement) + 3 poems (written within the last two years). Do not include your name on these materials. Judging will be blind.

The cover letter must be written. The poems may be written or audio. We accept a variety of file types.

Eligibility: You must be 21 years of age by December 25th.

If you need help with the basic cover letter format, check out our blog post of Cover Letter Advice.

The type of aesthetics statement that we ask for is a paragraph or two that details...

  1. who influences your art,
  2.  what you seek to accomplish in your poems,
  3.  and what The Watering Hole means to you as writer of color. 

This will contextualize the poems in your submission and help us get to know you as an artist. You may also optionally include how your art or aesthetic informs what you do, where you work, or any work you do in the arts community or vice versa.

Make certain your submission is your final version. Corrections and new versions will not be accepted.

Additional Note: We ask for a sample of your recent poetry, because we don't want to see "hits from the 80's." We want to get to know you through your current artistic voice.

What's the Review Process?
New applications are reviewed and accepted by The Watering Hole graduate fellows. They have a vested interest in continuing to build TWH Tribe with a wide variety of talents, backgrounds, and aesthetics.

While under review, preference is given to...


What if my Application is Accepted?
You can find basic information at twhpoetry.org. When the time comes, The Watering Hole will send out information packets about carpooling, airport shuttles, housing information, online payment, etc. upon acceptance. The closest airport is in Augusta, G.A. and the last shuttle will likely leave the airport before 2:00 p.m. on Dec. 26.

Payment Information

  • The Watering Hole sponsors between 50% and 75% (depending on the year) of every fellow's fees. The remaining cost is listed below. 
  • Acceptance letters will be sent in August. Within 30 days of acceptance, 50% of the retreat fee is due. Within 60 days of acceptance, the remainder is due.
  • All package options below include the cost of tuition, housing, facilitator fees, administrative expenses, and activities listed above.


Where Can I Find More Information and Link with Tribe Members?